About riding bikes and having pleats on the dress

About riding bikes and having pleats on the dress

Maybe I shouldn’t say it. Should I? Well, I’ll say it anyways.
I start by quoting Piaggio, despite I have been invited to go to Rome and attend (my first) scooter test ride by Yamaha.
Let’s be honest. I know that being a lifestyle blogger I can literally do everything (just kidding), but should I really be part of a group of motorbike journalists?
Theoretically I should. My first scooter was a Scarabeo (speaking of Piaggio, indeed). When I was thirteen I started the countdown to my next birthday, so I could finally ride my scooter around Arezzo and pretend to be so cool.

Back in the days wearing a helmet wasn’t mandatory. Sometimes we were even 3 people on a scooter (guys, don’t do that at home).
Craziness and anarchy combining together. Thanks God rules have changed and these things are not allowed anymore.
As soon as I moved to Milan I bought a red Zip with a stick on it that said: “Fashion Victim”.

It was so tacky that I absolutely loved it. Some people still remember me for being the girl who arrived to the Fashion Week on a broken, red, scooter.
I hope you understand me when I say that I had all the rights to travel to Rome and test the Urban Mobility collection by Yamaha. Especially if the tour included a few stops at some amazing, old, historical shops where we bought some grocery (we cooked our own dinner). That was such a The Nostalgic Traveller kind of thing.

I wasn’t used to drive something modern. My Hondina is from the ’77, it is not that young anymore.
I will not bother you with technical comments about every bike of the Urban Mobility collection; let’s say that it is not really my field of knowledge. However, I must say that I have changed my mind regarding the idea of riding a maxi scooter.

When I jumped on the D’elight 125 with Stefano – he is my video buddy – it felt a number of old memories coming back to my mind: it took me back to Arezzo and to my rides to Angolo Goloso, my favorite shop for Nutella Crepes.

When I drove the NMAX 125 and 155 I felt a little bit older: it is so easy to drive it that you can actually pretend to be a kick-ass driver. These scooters are bigger and faster, perfect to ride around the city. And they look so elegant.

About Tricity 125, let’s be honest: its aesthetics doesn’t drive me crazy. More over, you need to play around with it a little bit before you can actually manage to drive it. However, I must say that it is great to survive from all those gaps and holes on the streets.

Believe it or not, at the end of the day dinner wasn’t good. But it was just our fault.