Women and engines, boobs or big boys

When I see a woman standing next to a bike, she is rather extremely masculine or way too sexy.

Women who love bikes are weird. On the one hand they have short hair, they wear no make up, leather jackets and a pair of boyfriend jeans.
On the other hand they have long hair, a thousand tattoos, boobs – big boobs, lucky them – and wear very short jeans.
Are they showing off?

I have asked myself this question over and over: “Why does a woman who rides a bike – whether she is the driver or the passenger – needs to dress like a biker? Just like tourists who dress like tourists. I mean, you surely need to wear protective gears, but why can’t you just be “normal” just like any other day of the year.

Maybe this can sound a little bit snob and picky, but I really can’t stop asking myself this question.
I am not criticizing nor judging. I am just saying.

Why do you need to lift your boobs up to your mouth to call men’s attention?
Why wearing men’s clothes makes you feel like you are one of them?
Bikes are a masculine toy and there is no doubt about it. So maybe that is why sometimes women are treated like dumbs… or like goddesses.
There is nothing in between.

Then there are Sara, Chiara, Giulietta and Aryk, she has a red Honda – just like mine – who have a completely different approach to bikes. They never change their personality; they are always the same people when it comes to go to the supermarket or out for a drink. They are still very feminine without showing off their ass and boobs. I totally appreciate them (also) for this reason.

Maybe I should stop being like a child asking questions about every little thing. Maybe I should just stop caring.
I even wonder if this post has a real meaning or not.

Picture: Chiara Giannoni

Jacket: Triumph
Shirt: Element Eden
T-shirt: Emporio Armani (it’s my dad’s)
Boots: Decathlon (I promise)

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