Why do people stop eating?

Why do people stop eating?
And if they do eat something, it could be carbs or proteins or even seitan and kelps growing in some remote lake of Indonesia, they start complaining about it; they feel guilty and they swear to stop-eating-and-start-working-out.
Why don’t we feel comfortable when it comes to eating food? Just like when we were kids and our grandparents fed us with appetizers, two main meals, side dishes and a desert (everything was homemade, of course), and they kept saying that it was still not enough.
Why do we feel this urge of eating a meal and skipping the next one by not eating at all or by working out like crazy?
I don’t know about you, but I really don’t care about getting fat.

I have dinner with my friends and I always listen to the same old story: they are so obsessed with cellulite, fats, gym and watching what they eat.
I use my social networks and I see people posting about the latest Nepalese-berry-based diet. Everyone is talking about food and nutrition, even if they have no idea about what they are saying.
“Drink only these juices for four days and you will lose lots of weight”.
Of course I will lose weight if I won’t eat for four days!

On Instagram girls look so hot, slim, and beautiful. All men seem to die for them until they meet them in real life and they can barely recognize them.
When I go to the restaurant I am always the one who is eating more than anyone else and nobody can make me feel guilty about it – even if so many people try to.
Girls feel full after eating some rice and vegetables.
I hate matcha as much as I hate tofu and soy. They may be tasty if combined with other ingredients, otherwise they have no taste.
I like ginger though.

Girella 3_postThe fashion industry made us think that eating pasta is bad for us, while soy sauce and sushi with very cheap fish is supposed to be good, isn’t it?
And some other people eat bugs: “yes, they are the future”.
Food became an obsession. Just another obsession in this egocentric world where we want people to tell us that we look beautiful, and usually we use an app for that.

I started feeling in good shape without even realizing it when I stopped thinking too much about food. When I started eating when I was actually hungry and at the right time of the day. When I started using my bike and going to swim regularly, and when I stopped believing that eating only steamed beans would actually make me lose weight.
“You eat too much. One day you will see all the consequences on your body, you can’t play this game for ever”.

People kept repeating it over and over.
I have been working on my metabolism as much as on my work out.
I move a lot, therefore my metabolism is everything but lazy.
Working out is just like doing my job: I love it and I do it with creativity and discipline.

I am the only person I know – along with other two girls – who want to be strong instead of slim.
I don’t care about lectures regarding what should I eat and what not. We are all well aware and informed thanks to this beautiful tool called the web.
I haven’t been eating meat for the last thirteen years of my life just because I don’t like it, and I don’t bother people because of that.
I am more into chocolate and pizza.
I need to eat everything in order to be happy. I need to eat, and I need to feel balance in my body.

I don’t need to be informed about the number of calories you have eaten today. Eat whatever you want, even paper if you like, but don’t come and tell me that you will spend the afternoon running because eating paper made you fat.

I have never heard my grandparents complaining about food. They loved food. They cooked it, they honored it, they ate it. They respected and shared it. And they drizzled lots of olive oil on it.
They had no allergies nor intolerances. Neither do I.

Boring. So Boring.
I have never heard my grandmother say: “I don’t work out otherwise my legs will get bigger. I would rather stop eating”.
I don’t want my legs to be slim, I want them to be toned.
And I want to keep eating whatever I want, because food is the eighth wonder of the world.