The nonconformist fashion blogger

I still remember the day a person who does’t really like me – let’s say a hater – told me that I was trying so hard to be a nonconformist fashion blogger.
I thought about these words after a year or so, and I must say that this person was actually right.
I don’t spend my time going to dinners with my babes, I don’t talk about fashion in such a “pedagogic” way, I don’t say things like: “in your wardrobe you must have a black sheath dress, a white shirt and an unstructured jacket”. And don’t even talk about how you should match these items.
When I go to see what is going on outside fashion shows or when I attend Pitti I wish I had a huge rifle loaded with colorful paint to get all those fancy skirts and dresses dirty with pink and brown squirts.
I write a lot, I don’t buy followers, I hate those who buy them. I work out, I eat real food and I don’t share every little detail about my life.

This is my character: Lucia Del Pasqua, a girl who loves old stuff, a huge pain in the ass, a person who doesn’t think twice before saying what she thinks; a fashion blogger who doesn’t use Photoshop to hide cellulitis and wrinkles. A girl who uses irony as a self defense weapon.

Something like a bitchy champion of justice who wants to be nonconformist because it looks cool, but at the end of the day I still follow the mainstream by practicing yoga, eating shitloads of avocado and posting beautiful photos of beautiful sunsets.
My hater was right.
Then I think about Lucia as a person rather than a character. I think about the everyday Lucia who is less egocentric and more shy.

We all have a double identity; the real one and the virtual one.

I thought about all these things while I was checking these pictures that I took during the last Fashion Week. I was wearing a vintage leather trench, a very old turtle neck jumper, a pair of boots that I got from a friend from Arezzo, a pair of sunglasses that I “stole” at the Cosmopolitan headquarter, and a pair of trousers from Maison About.
No furry shoes, no naked legs even if there are three degrees outside, no make up artist coming to my place to make me beautiful before the fashion shows (I don’t even go to fashion shows. Well, I have only attended two of them. Back in the past they used to invite me, but now I guess that I became a loser).
So I must admit that I am a little bit a nonconformist fashion blogger. It is pretty annoying, isn’t it?

Trousers: Maison About
Bag: Furla
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