#quattropiume: #random is better

My philosophy of life, my mantra, my hashtag. I would even tattoo it on my skin if I didn’t hate one word tattoos.
“Random” for me means playing with rules without breaking them.
It is a matter of percentage; 70% heart, 30% head.
#random characterizes my style.
Yesterday morning I woke up, I wore my flower nightgown – I bought it at the flea market in Arezzo – and I made myself some breakfast. Then I took a shower and I put some clothes on; a pair of jeans, a vintage T-shirt, and my floral flower nightgown. I went out.
I also wore by quattropiume clutch; I customized it while I was drunk. Well, I am kidding.

quattropiume bag handmade gae aluentiI already told you about this handmade luxury bags label from Tuscany. A few months ago I ordered a bag: I customized it by choosing my favorite colors and materials straight from the website. My creation is finally here; its packaging smells so good and it even includes a letter with its CITES documentation inside.

It looks like the bag of a crazy lady, but I decided to make it so colorful because it really goes with everything, from an elegant dress to a pair of jeans and a nightgown (total cost 20 euro).
Radom; you can totally match a luxury item with clothes picked at the market.

quattropiume bag fashion politanvestaglia smile

Hold on a second, let me be more specific because I really want you to get it right; on quattropiume.com you can pick your favorite model (mine is 50’s), colors, and material and you can shape your own bag using a 3D configurator.
Leu Locati, an handmade workshop in Milan, will take care of the rest.
Leu Locati is a small yet very big company; they made bags for Queen Elizabeth, Madonna, big luxury brands, and now also for me. I feel honored.

lab leu locati workleu locati laboratory artsleu locati laboratory bagsleu locati laboratoryleu locati milano lab artFrom the hands of wise artisans (they are also very young, I met them) to mine. And let me tell you something: the real bag is way more beautiful than its virtual version.

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quattropiume vintage vestaglia

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