The nonconformist beauty of travel routine

The nonconformist beauty of travel routine

There are some places where you always go back to spend your summer, usually when you are between 0 to 16 years old. Your parents bring you to the same place, you always meet the same people, the same kids, and you see that year after year they have changed their hight, hair, and (rarely) their style.

I used to like it. I always knew what to expect and I could never run the risk of not liking it. I liked it because every summer I could eat my favorite creamy cookie with my friends. Kids became teenagers and pimple after pimple we would spend the night playing cards with our grandparents who were always grandparents and who will always be grandparents.
Then, one day you grow up and you can’t wait to go somewhere else on your own; from Rimini to Riccione all the way to Formentera. And then you arrive to a point where you can actually hold a world map and pick your next destination driven by specific reasons.
One day you wake up and you are in your thirties.

Two years ago I started traveling with a specific idea in my mind: surfing.
France, Portugal, Italy. But then I discovered Somo, in Spain. I left alone and the next day a friend of mine joined me. After that trip I left again. And I was alone. I was in love.
Sometimes those “things” that turn into passions isolate you; you prefer spending time alone and listening to what you really love and enhancing your soul rather than doing something that you don’t care about.
I am not alone, I am with my passion. And it feel so great; it is a different kind of travel buddy. It is always next to you and it never lets you down.

playa somo loredosunset playa somo loreso surfsurf playa somo loredo la urva surf schoolI moved from Somo to Loredo, a small village that doesn’t really reflect what I usually like. However, I kept coming back here over and over to enjoy that little something that you can actually appreciate only when you are a kid or an adult: routine.

I know (almost) everyone in Loredo and I like it.
I have my surfhouse, my great instructors – we talk about life, politics, and cultures. I have my ocean, my places where I go to eat my things.

Damian and the other guys from the Escuela de Surf La Curva became more than just my instructors. And the surf house became my beautiful and spacious house in Spain where I have my own bed and where I meet interesting people from all over the world.

I even have my personal shelf in the fridge, and if it is already taken it bothers me a little.

However, even if I have been to Loredo so many different times, I always get to discover new things.

During my last visit Damian did his best to take me to new beaches such as Ajo and Noja; however I must say that waves weren’t really good for me. They were too high and too strong.

In four days I might have caught two waves but surfing means having fun. It is about listening to your own limits without showing off. I like to experience it peacefully; I don’t need to challenge myself all the time. Fear scares me, so I try to avoid it.

lucia del pasqua surf lessonssurf ajo escluela la curvayoga beach surf lucia del pasqua.2 I had time to do other things, like walking: I found a path – that belongs to the Camino de Santiago – that goes from Loredo to Langre.

cantabria path oceanlucia del pasqua ocean langre cantabriapath langre loredopath ocean cantabrialucia del pasqua ocean landscape viewocean rocks cantabriaI had time to talk to those who live in the area. I chatted with Germain, a beautiful 22 year-old-guy from Reunion Islands (my girlfriends went crazy about him). He is a teacher and a singer and decided to spend a few months in the surf house.

trinidad castillo portraittrinidad castillo textures ateliertrinidad castillo trounsers hearttrinidas castillo total lookI also had time to appreciate the creations of an incredible designer: Trinidad Castillo. She is such a lovely designer who makes tailor made creations and who designes her own collection. As you can see in the pictures below, her style is totally my style (Damien became my personal photographer).

“Trinidad, why did you choose to open your shop in Loredo?”. Because I tried to move to bigger cities, but I decided to come back. You can be a stylist also in small towns.

I had time to go to the fruit seller, and I found out that if you go at the wrong time you find more traffic than in Milan.

There is a mystery about my love for this place. And my feelings never change. Maybe because it is really a mystery.

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