La Mer and nature’s superpowers

“I have been invited to a product presentation by La Mer, but I don’t even know what it is”

This conversation happened a few years ago, when I was talking to a friend of mine and she insulted me for about a hundredandtwentyseconds in a raw for not knowing La Mer..

So I just Googled it: before saying yes I wanted to make sure I wasn’t wasting my time, because I hate wasting my time. La Mer and its poetry conquered me straight away so I decided to accept the invitation. For those who have never heard of it let me tell you its story in a nutshell: Dr Max Huber was an aerospace physicist. One day he suffered burns from a laboratory accident and decided to move to his ocean house in California to find a cure for his skin. He knew that the ocean was rich of natural resources. After years of studies and researches, Dr Hubert finally found the right answer: kelp seaweed. He fermented kelps in a fish tank reproducing the sound of the ocean on a tape.
This is how he created Miracle Broth™ which helped Huber’s skin to get visibly restored.
When I attended the presentation I had the opportunity to try the exclusive Crème de La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream – it last only one week, as I was using way too much product on my face.

“Why does it last so short?” oh, stupid me.
“Because maybe you should only pat a small amount of it on your face”.
They even told me that.

So I tried again and I just loved it.
I took a little break from La Mer; on the one hand because I like trying different products, and on the other hand because sometimes I just don’t feel like using any face cream. I just need to drink more water – also, let’s be honest: these face lotions are so crazy expensive.
Then I found a lighter lotion, The Mosturizing Soft Lotion and I fell in love again with the magic of the sea. I started using it after I came back from my last trip to the ocean: coincidences don’t exist. Dr Huber and I share the same unconditional love and trust in the mysterious and supernatural powers of the sea.

The Mosturizing Soft Lotion was inspired by Crème de La Mer, which is known because of its regenerative qualities. The Mosturizing Soft Lotion has a lighter and more fluid texture, so it is perfect for summer. It hydrates and smooths your skin.
I carried it with me during my last trips here and there; I use it at night before going to sleep. It is a powerful moisturizer and it is perfect for me considering that I spend most of my day under the sun (when I use my bicycle and I ride my bike).
Long life to the ocean. Always.