HoMedics: no hair no stress

When it comes to talk about beauty, you know me: I am obsessed with hair. I take care of them, I abuse them, and then I treat them well again.
“History repeating”.
I have another obsession which is highly money consuming: unwanted body hair.
I don’t like them because they are – indeed – unwanted, ugly, and also very demanding both economically and aesthetically.
How many of you girls every month do their best trying to schedule an appointment with the esthetician?
I got two: one has her studio exactly on the opposite side of Milan, and the other one lives in Arezzo, about 300 km away from where I live. Couldn’t be any easier.
About a month and a half ago I had a white epiphany just in front of my eyes: a home phone-shaped tool with the name that reminds me of a Hindu god: Duo Salon tagged under the name of HoMedics.

HoMedics3A professional pulsed light epilator straight on my kitchen table. When I unpacked it I studied the product and then I called a friend of mine who said: “Are you sure about it?”. Well, I am. Before trying it I have been doing my researches and I have been asking away, considering that out there there are a bunch of tools that are way too invasive. And I don’t want to hurt myself.

Elisa used the pulsed light on her inguinal and she is very happy about it.
My friend Giulia told me that she could even heal her folliculitis by using it. They both went to professional beauty salons. HoMedics is the leading global manufacturer of home epilation. And then again, is homemade. There is zero stressed involved.

I read all the instructions and ran the patch testit foresees the reaction of the skin after the treatment and it allows you to select the energy intensity that you want to use. Running the patch test means shaving, washing, and drying the focus area and then using the epilator. You start by using lower intensity pulses (level 1) and then you go to higher ones (level 5), moving to all the different areas that you want to treat. The higher the pulse, the higher the opportunity to develop a skin reaction. After 48 hours you are ready to proceed with the epilation.

If you try Duo Salon, do wear the protective glasses!

The most frequent questions I have been asked about this DuoSalon device were:
Question Number One: “Does it hurt?”
You do feel a light sense of itching; however, this tool has a Active Cooling Technology feature, an innovative professional cooling system that adapts to your body without overheating your skin. However, this pain is nothing compared to the one you feel when you go for a depilatory wax. This is why more and more women are choosing pulsed light over wax.

– Question number two: “How long does it last?
Forever. You don’t have to refill it or anything. It has about 500.000 pulses. All my friends can’t wait to try it.

Question number three: “How does it work?”

The devise has two separate technologies according to the area you want to treat: the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) – which is suitable for arms and legs, and the AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technology), which is great for smaller areas such as armpits and bikini.
It works just like a brush: you pass it over your desired area once every two weeks for about 4/6 cycles according to your skin type.

Question number four: “How long does it take to use it?  Let’s say on your legs for example?”
Fifteen minutes.

– Question number five: “Can I use it also on my face mustache area?”
Yes, there is a special adapter for that area.

Then I have asked question number six: “How about suntan?”
You should not get sun exposure during the first two weeks after each treatment.
Hair don’t fall straight way; the fall slowly. They don’t disappear completely and they can grow back again, but it looks more like a small paddle lost in the vastness of a huge desert.

I am telling you that my obsessions are going lower: from two to one.
Thanks God and thanks to this treatment.

Don’t run away, in a few days I will post a super nice video about it!