Your head is made of skin too, so you better keep ...

Your head is made of skin too, so you better keep it hydrated

My house is like a sanctuary full of old stuff, books, paintings, pictures, and beauty products.
Speaking of my beauty routine: I must say that the older I get, the more I care about my body. I switched from thinking that taking care of my body is a waste of my precious time, to seeing it more like a daily appointment with my own wellness, just like having breakfast (and I could die if I don’t eat breakfast).
I pay lots of attention to my hair, considering that I change color every five months and I run the risk of doing something very, very stupid (last year I have been dying my hair so much that I almost got totally bald). So I am (almost) more than happy to try all kind of new products. I say almost happy because before trying I always spend some time on Google trying to find out what does the people of the web say about that specific product.

When I first received my new Head & Shoulders products, my mind thought about the following things: dandruff, Federica Pellegrini – she is one of my heroes – mass market products, and the world’s best dandruff shampoo. Well, I ain’t no dandruff, yo.
But then I have read this sentence: scalp is skin, and this is the secret to having beautiful hair.
I took a moment to think about it; if I take care of my face and body skin, if I spend time hydrating and protecting it, why should I not care about my scalp too? My head is not made only of hair. Sometimes you need to choose between having a dandruff-free and healthy scalp or hair that look clean and have a great fragrance. Please correct me if I am wrong.
So the main reason why I decided to try Smooth & Silky shampoo is to try the new 3Action Formula designed by Head&Shoulders, which uses micro-zinc particles that help fighting dandruff by building up deposits on the scalp.  Thus, the new formula cleanses, protects, and last but not least moisturizes our scalp and hair for beautiful results.
Or at least, this is what they say. 

I have been using the Smooth&Silky Shampoo by Head&Shoulders for the last two weeks and I must say that skepticism became fidelity. My hair are soft, they smell great and I do feel that my scalp is well cleansed.
Supermarket products don’t have to be low end; to be honest, I often use mass market products, like make up remover and face cleansers and I just find them amazing.
I have been using this shampoo everyday, after going to swim or during my trips around Italy. My hair are soft and healthy.
Now all I need to do is getting a 90ml shampoo bottle because I am flying away in less than a week!