I was Bonnie

I never know what to wear to Carnival.
I dream about wearing a Ferrero Rocher, a Tangerine or a Sponge costume but I never do it.
This year was just the same old story. One hour before the party I still didn’t know what to wear so I decided to dress up like me; I was debating between picking men’s clothes or dressing up like some character from the past.
Faye Dunaway, also known as Bonnie. “That” Bonnie that used to hang out with Clyde.

I wore a granny suit, my (ex) favorite Benetton t-shirt, my grandma Tina’s hat, and I was ready to go. I was Bonnie.
I must say that I was really into the character.
Maybe too much. When the party was over I decided to walk all the way home wearing my flat shoes. I have been walking through three different neighborhoods of the city, among different people, and I have realized how different I was in that homogeneous universe of non – homogeneity.
I was’t better or worse, I was just different. 

I dove into the silence of Via Vincenzo Monti, then I moved into the noise of Corso Garibaldi all the way to Moscova and I felt so anachronistic.
Everything seemed to be anachronistic in that moment; shop signs, velvet dresses -there were at least 10 girls wearing velvet dresses – food vending machines on the street.
I smiled when I passed by the Cordusio bookshop and the old Fossati theater in Corso Como 15.

Nostalgia: this magnificent feeling that we often underestimate. I love it and I want it to be a part of me; it makes me feel alive when I get to share it with people who can actually understand it.



Medium shot in bank of Gene Hackman as Buck Barrow, Warren Beatty as Clyde Barrow, wearing hat, and Faye Dunaway as Bonnie Parker, all holding guns/pistols; woman seated in background. PHOTOGRAPHS TO BE USED SOLELY FOR ADVERTISING, PROMOTION, PUBLICITY OR REVIEWS OF THIS SPECIFIC MOTION PICTURE AND TO REMAIN THE PROPERTY OF THE STUDIO. NOT FOR SALE OR REDISTRIBUTION. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.