How can two people be a happy couple?

How can two people be a happy couple?

“Be exactly like the person you are with in order to create empathy and build a solid and long-lasting relationship”.
I swear that I have heard someone saying this sentence. I have also heard people saying that it is the only way to live a happy relationship.

I thought a lot about it and many times I have been wondering: how can two people be happy together? Do they really need to be identical in order to share the same interests? Do they need to have things in common? Or do they need to be completely different and keep their own space?
There was a moment in my life when I truly believed that opposites attract; then I thought that it was the biggest bullshit ever and now I think that the right answer may be something in the middle.

“Don’t show yourself too much otherwise you may scare him”.
It could be true, but what happens if that too much represents your own persona?
And then again, what does too much really mean?

“Being with someone means doing everything together; from going on holidays to going out and (even) going shopping together.”
And they lived happily ever after (for a week and a half).

I thought a lot about it; how can two people be a happy couple?
And here comes my answer: they have some interests in common, they are independent yet they still need each other, they are free to think, create and plan autonomously; they see compromises and sacrifices as a personal challenge, and they do philosophize and talk over multiple glasses of wine – or bitter orange juice – at any time of the day or night. They have fun in an almost normal way.

How can two people be a happy couple? They appreciate each other for what they really are without pretending to agree on everything no matter what. Disagreement leads to very interesting conversations.
How can two people be a happy couple? They talk and stay quiet when they have to; they understand that sometimes empty means full. They support and inspire each other and they are brave enough to transform and be transformed.
How can two people be a happy couple? They don’t seek explanations. They simply stay together.
We overthink about it but at the end of the day it is easier than we imagine.

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