Genoa is a lady during the day and a super hero du...

Genoa is a lady during the day and a super hero during the night

Only Athens manages to give me that feeling of urgency and uncertainty; that feeling that anything could happen at any moment. Athens is more easy and laid back, though, while I think that Genoa has a fancy soul.
Genoa will never tell you that it is about to explode. You will need to understand it by yourself. Athens, on the other hand, won’t say it either but at least it will do its best to let you understand it.

This was my second visit to Genoa; my first time was at night and I spent about 3 hours playing with wheels and engines in a beautiful garage; during my second visit I managed to see the sunset. I still spent just a few hours around, but it was enough to see how the city turns into a super hero. I think that Genoa is a lady during the day who sips coffee with her friends at the Sporting Club or at the Coffee Bar, while at night Genoa jumps on the roofs looking for rascals and bad guys.

I have been invited to go to Genoa by Slam; I first discovered this brand when I attended the Barcolana Race and I am happy to find out that Slam is being an active supporter of the renovation works of the local lighthouse; the tower has been the symbol of Genoa since 1128.

The claim of the brand is: “We are from Genoa and when we saw the light we saw the Lanterna”, so of course the brand is part of this new restyling project.

And I must be honest about it; when I heard about the so famous “Lanterna” I had no idea that it was referred to the lighthouse.
Besides being a landmark for the city, the Lanterna is the tallest lighthouse in the Mediterranean Sea (76 m) and the second tallest lighthouse of Europe.

The lighthouse of Genoa does not reflect what everyone would think of when it comes to lighthouses; that lantern is a Queen. It is almost as sacred as a church, and dozens of people are working hard to bring it back to its old and everlasting splendor. Genoa is the lighthouse.

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SL 2017-03-14 LANTERNA

SL 2017-03-14 LANTERNA

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