Chanel Blue Serum: the secret of centenarians in a...

Chanel Blue Serum: the secret of centenarians in a bottle

Some girls may be prettier and some other girls may be less pretty but we all end up aging. All of us.
Some girls decide to take a screenshot of their own facial expression, while other girls decide to face time in a more clever way.

I have recently watched a documentary about one of my heroines, that is to say Iris Apfel. She is my heroine for a number of reasons; first of all I love elders. She is a successful entrepreneur who has been traveling all over the world with her husband; she is a timeless style icon (not a fashion icon) and she has got a good and proper opinion about everything.
When it comes to talk about getting old, we share exactly the same idea; it is a natural process and there is no need to stop it and become a smile-less fossil who needs to use more and more “external help” to keep her fossil look alive.

Your face is not a scaffolding. It is a solid structure that needs to be stimulated and looked after rather than being attacked.
I think that the problem is connected to the word “getting old” itself that leads to decline, attrition, and degradation.
These are bad things, aren’t they?
Getting old is the natural evolution of our body and skin. Those who actually follow its flow are seen as revolutionaries.
Just like Benedetta Barzini.
Or like Virna Lisi.

I travel a lot and my skin is always stressed by weather conditions and poor eating habits.
I am 32 years old and I am officially getting older.
One of the products that I have been carrying along lately it’s the Blue Serum by Chanel. I take it with me wherever I go for a few reasons; the package is slim, the serum is lightweight and gentle, and I totally agree with its philosophy.
Chanel Research explores a revolutionary way to take care of your own skin where the idea of longevity goes against the concept of fighting the aging process.
Thank God!
Chanel has focused its attention on the world’s blue zone populations, that is to say Sardinia, Costa Rica, Greece (Ikaria island), and Japan, where people have healthy eating habits, they move and exercise on a regular basis, they know how manage stress, and keep solid and strong social relations.

Chanel has been traveling through beauty focusing on three elements: green coffee from Costa Rica characterized by heightened antioxidant properties as well as cafestol and kahweol; bosana olives from Sardinia which are rich in polyphenols; and lentisk from Greece which are characterized by oleanolic acids that help reinforce skin’s natural restorative abilities.
The combined action of these three active elements boost the longevity of the skin and rekindles its youthful glow.

The Blue Serum by Chanel represents a world tour in a bottle; it is a daily caress for women, not an elixir of eternal youth.
Do you believe me when I say that I am using this serum because I am so fascinated by its philosophy and research?
(And they haven’t even got paid to publish this post. I promise).