“I would never go to the thermal baths. Just...

“I would never go to the thermal baths. Just kidding”

Issue number one.
I haven’t been to the mountains for about thirty years; however, I must say that in the last two years I made up for all the time that I have lost.
I moved from “I don’t like going to the mountain” to “I would really love to spend a few days up there”.
Basically I have changed my mind and perspective.
The same thing happened with drinking wine.
Issue number two.

I have always said that I would go to the mountain to snowboard – last year I almost screwed my joint.
I have always said that I don’t love thermal baths because I am a very active person and I find them way too relaxing.
I decided to change my point of view and when  QC Terme Monte Bianco invited me to spend Valentine’s Day in the mountain, I was asked to choose between going snowboarding or to the thermal baths. And I voted for the second option.
Yes, me. Lucia Del Pasqua.

The whole program started with two activities that you can’t miss if you decide to visit La Thuile.
Located 9 km away from Terme di Pré Saint Didier, you will find the very first SKI SAUNA in Europe launched by QC Terme. This sauna has been entirely handmade my Duclos Legnami, leader in the production of taylor-made saunas. The Ski Sauna has the same look and the same fragrance of other ordinary saunas, but it is way less heated (thank God).
The second activity you can’t miss in this area is eating. So take good note of my tips.
Lo Riondet restaurant is just amazing. A place that melts romanticism, nostalgia, and love for good food.
This family-run restaurant opened its doors thirty years ago in the Espace San Bernardo ski area. You can reach it for dinner by taking one of the many snowmobiles available by the church of Pont Serrand. On the menu you will find lots of meat options; however, if you also don’t eat meat you can still have some delicious melted cheese and yummy veggies.
This restaurant represents a great example of how a family-run restaurant manages to boost harmony along with innovation and experimentation.
100% thumbs up for this place.
Sleeping at Hotel QC Termemontebianco (starting from 200 euro per night) means treating yourself to satin sheets and a breathtaking view.
I must say that when I am traveling, sometimes I struggle with finding vegetarian options (it’s crazy considering that we are in 2017), but this hotel has really surprised me with its food choice.
Breakfasts feature vegan and gluten free choices, as well as a great option of butters, seeds, yogurt, and dried fruit.
Lunch is also great. The chef Nicola Ricciardi offers some delicious and well balanced regional and local recipes with a twist of modernity.

And now let’s talk about my SPA experience.
The staff was so lovely that I wanted to kiss and hug everyone while I was on my way to get my facial treatment that made my skin look so radiant and toned (price is 74 euro for 50 minutes).
And I was like: “I am sorry, I am a blogger. I will need to take some photos and videos”.
When I left the room I could not even remember where my phone was.

Later I had a sauna and an amazing massage, a mix between a traditional and a relaxing massage that aims at boosting my metabolism (the price for the massage is 66 euro for 50 minutes).
Last but not least, I enjoyed some hydro-massage overlooking those breathtaking mountains. I felt like being in a scene of Youth by Sorrentino while I was enjoying the absence of thoughts as the highest expression of my soul.
I wanna take it all back; I was joking when I said that I would never go to the Thermal Baths.

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