10 #random thoughts of the week

10 #random thoughts of the week

No time for introductions today. I will go straight to the point:

  1. Is it possible that in 2016 there are still websites that make you “go to the next page” in order to read an article just to get more clicks? (How loser can they be?)
    Unfortunately yes, there are websites that work like that.
  2. If your colleagues invite you to a Christmas dinner you wear some “pretty ordinary” clothes, don’t you? Maybe you pick a pair of high heels and wear a stronger make up. Well, the answer is negative; you dress like a whore, show off your boobs and wear a kilo of make up on your face. I mean, it is just a Christmas dinner for God’s sake. Do you really need to push it that far? Everyone is free to do whatever they want, but maybe sometimes we should try to fit with the context.
  3. There is a slight difference between those who work in TV and those who don’t; those who do work in TV feel the “duty” of wearing long, glittering dresses, and very high heels wherever they go (see point number 2). So sometimes you attend an event or a party thrown by a X brand but you are wearing a pair of jeans and your armpit is not really that fresh because you have been all over Milan in order to attend various meetings while the girl next to you is wearing more plaster than the new Kardashian’s apartment. She is full of glitters and has’t had any food in ages. Somebody Please Help.
  4. Yesterday I went to swim and I have noticed the indention from socks all around my calf. A professional sex deal breaker. But then I thought “I am at the swimming pool, who cares”. As if I would have cared about it also in other circumstances…
  5. A few days ago I took a taxi from Central Station to my place – a 6 minutes ride. The taxi driver drove pretty fast so I must say that I was feeling happy about it. Then he checked the taximeter and said: “it’s 9,70 euro, shall we make it 10 euro?”
    My answer: “No”. End of the Story. Then I added: “I got the electricity bill; it’s 40 euro, shall we make it 33?” #boyctotaxis
  6. December is a very challenging month; you spend lots of money not to buy presents but to travel, to pay collaborators and to fix things that break always at the wrong time.
    Yet again, I find myself sending emails demanding to be paid.
    A girl sends me an email saying “we may have lost your invoice”.
    No, maybe your accountant may have lost my invoice.
    In this kind of situations I can’t help but thinking “I didn’t get lost while I was on my way to the job that you asked me to do”. And also: “I am the one wasting time of my precious life to ask you again to be paid for a job that I have done 100 – I mean 100 – 100 -100 – for God’s Sake – days ago”.  Please somebody give me a whip, a bunch of stones and one way ticket to Hawaii. And some respect. Thanks.
  7. Chiara Ferragni; I decided to defend her after the debate related to her interview with Repubblica with the super clever title “I am more famous than Papa Francesco”. However, maybe I get bored very easily, or maybe I like harmony too much, but now I am really tired of her. I am tired of her, I am tired of Fedez and I am tired of her and Fedez together. I mean, I am so so happy for them if they are in love and whatnot, but please guys give us a break, will you?
  8. Long life to Motta and to its commercial featuring the traditional panettone recipe (I wrote what I think about it on my Facebook profile). Long life to irony. I just hope that the world of creative directors and copy writers will finally change their approach to perfume spots; I am tired of seeing sexual references and naked women.
  9. Story of my life. “What is your size, Medium?”
    I shut up.
    I try pants/dress/skirt.
    “Actually you need a small”.
    God Damn it.
  10. I still struggle understanding why stupid blog posts like this one (stupid lists), work so well on the internet. Then I publish a video regarding the importance of reading books  and nobody cares about it. Maybe one day I will understand. Or maybe I never will.