Wearing just my underwear on my bike? Why Not

Wearing just my underwear on my bike? Why Not

Although I can’t describe myself as a real biker, if I don’t play with my Hondina for too long I end up missing it too much. Lately have been pretty busy and I haven’t seen it for almost a mont and during this last month I have been thinking quite a lot.

The more I dive into the bike universe, the more I understand that each biker thinks to know everything.
If you wear a patch on your jacket you are an asshole.
If you have a modern bike you are a loser.
If you have an Harley you are tacky.
Ducati is definitely better than Yamaha.
If you focus too much on your look you are not a real biker.
If you leave your bike in your garage and you freeze your insurance during winter time you are a loser.
That guy bought a bike just to look cool.
That festival became too popular so it is not worth going there.
And I could keep going on and on.

The more I hear people talking about these cliches, the more I get mad.
I thought that one could buy a bike for many reasons; first of all in order to experience freedom.
I thought that if you ride your own bike wearing your underwear, a wedding dress or a suit, people should not judge you. I thought that this universe followed the idea of “live and let live”.
And it does follow this philosophy but this world is also all about showing off.

Just to give you an example; I don’t care if the Wheels and Waves festival became too popular and I do not judge those who attend it.
Most times bikers claim to be a minority but then they talk ill about whoever is not “them”.
Whoever rides a bike is a narcissist, including myself.
I don’t care if someone rides a bike wearing a beige coat or metallic underwear.
And I don’t care if someone decides to put the bike on hold during winter time.

I have bought two beautiful wheels because I love them and because I had been thinking about it for so long; bikes represent freedom.
I have bought it because it is old, red, and beautiful. I may be bad at driving but I will always wear the right outfit whether it includes patches or not. For me bikes represent style. You will never see me wearing random clothes on my Hondina because I do care about details. That is why I decided to work in the fashion industry; a superficial world that introduces itself through appearance. And people do judge you according to your look even if all formalisms of sort declare the opposite.

Jacket P.A.R.O.S.H.
Jeans: Levi’s vintage