#Averageposts Men-Women and Women-Men

#Averageposts Men-Women and Women-Men

My average posts come back by very, very popular demand. To be fully honest I don’t like writing them but I have to because of the following reasons:
1. Some Internet experts would love to kill me because I follow my own direction;
2. Sometimes I need to worry about my web traffic, they say it is important.
So today I will conduct an average analysis of women and men – and please note once again that I have used the word average.

A man would describe the current man-woman situation like a painting by Lucio Fontana. That is to say:

Women: humans who are pain in the ass but have strong guts, let’s be honest about it.
Men: humans who are not a pain in the ass; however, they forgot to get stronger guts and now they turned into little girls – but they will never agree with that.
Between you and me, I wish I was a man just to feel like that pompous woman I always wanted to be.

A woman would describe the current man-woman situation like a chapter of the Divine Comedy including pages that have been translated in Russian, Chinese, and Arabic. That is to say:

Women: humans who are forced to be a pain in the ass because men are children who will never grow; they are womanizers, irresponsible and immature. Therefore women are superior because they have to share their space with men who seem to refuse to evolve.
Men: humans who eventually embrace the idea of having a womenish personality even if they will never agree with that. They accept the fact of being constantly bothered by women but they constantly complain about it. Their natural instinct is made of three simple actions; eating, sleeping, and reproducing – possibly without actually making children.

56b6aad01adb7__clark-gable-13They are both right. However, I think that this concept runs the risk of becoming a vicious cycle. Many women tend to “never give up”, and to keep bothering men who – on their side – would love to enjoy their freedom.
So, as a reaction, a man looks for a rebel soul, a free woman who never calls you; that kind of woman that makes you think things like “she is the woman of my dreams”; a woman who has no intention of “training him” but who accepts him fully.
He goes crazy for her rebel soul (she is just a “normal” woman, that is to say a woman capable of not seeing herself as the appendix of a man), but he can’t break up with his “ordinary” girl. So he keeps breaking the rules and he loves this game.
He loves it until one day he wakes up and understands that he actually prefers being with a woman who gets grumpy when he tells her that he would spend the Sunday on the couch or with his friends rather than going to the lake with her.
He doesn’t want a woman who kicks him in the ass because, believe it or not, she also has things to do on a Sunday afternoon.
So he prefers being in a relationship with a woman who is not independent but who thinks that she is, rather than being with a woman who spends her Saturday night out with her friends – and be careful because they are not gay. Men prefer women who are a pain in the ass but who are easy to handle.
In the meantime, most women turn into men and men turn into women.
Bottom line is: being a pain in the ass always works.
The world is in the hands of woody girls; nobody wants them but they all end up with them.