Lisbon has the “cocoon”

Lisbon has the “cocoon”

“I like Lisbon because it reminds me of a laughing lady; I don’t like Porto because the whole city seems like it is deteriorating”.
This is what Isabel told me when we were in Ericeira and I asked her opinion about Lisbon.
I only spent a few hours in Lisbon. The weather was incredibly hot and I had to carry a 20 kilos luggage as I found myself wandering around the city. For some reason I already knew that this was a beautiful city to visit, so I wanted to take a look around before catching the next plane.
However, I don’t agree with Isabel. On the contrary, even if I can’t say that I have visited Lisbon, I can still affirm that it is just an ordinary beautiful city. Porto is beautiful because it doesn’t accept any “cosmetic surgery”, it is beautiful the way it is: full of wrinkles and arthritis. Porto is so confident about its own beauty that it releases an irresistible charm (just like some “ugly” women who seduce with the power of their brain and guts); Lisbon, on the other hand, is simply traditional because it laughs out loud, it has a few wrinkles here and there and, even if it doesn’t have any plastic surgery, it still uses many anti-aging creams.

I think that it has the cocoon, a mysterious energy that fills her with fabulous charme. Also, I had never being stopped by a drug dealer in the middle of a plaza full of tourists. And when I said no thanks to the guy, he simply put his stuff back into his underwear.
Lisbon is trapped into the body of a charming blonde sixty-year-old wearing a white dress. She walks with confidence and she loves attending private parties around the city. Lisbon could definitely get along with Rome; same age, same party soul, same charme. They both are like those old divas who go to the sewing shop in order to buy some new buttons for their coats- because they need to wear bigger buttons – they don’t buy flowers, but they ask other people to buy some for them; they always go to the same restaurant and greet everyone with a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek.
I think that I should go visit Lisbon again because when I was there it was too crowded. And it had no air conditioning. I was aware of it, however I still wanted to check it out. Mea culpa. 

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