Thank you grandma

When I first started my blog nobody paid attention to me; people were actually making fun of me because I was sharing my life on the web. The blog was named “Barbie Lucy”, it was on Splinder and I was so, so young.
When I started my second (fashion) blog people were between skeptical and passionate about it; when journalists finally realized that bloggers (I have always written also for magazines, so I am an hybrid), would represent an obstacle to their race towards free trips, free beauty products, free clothes and so on, the real war began.
And it is still on. Some bloggers make more money than journalists. It is a fact.
I have been writing a lot about this topic, and I will keep writing about it considering that a new war is on between “clever and cultivated” journalists from and all those exhibitionists and frivolous bloggers. Just like me.

Sally Singer, Vogue creative digital director, stated: “Note to bloggers who change head-to-toe, paid-to-wear outfits every hour: Please stop. Find another business. You are heralding the death of style”.

Dear Sally, you are not completely wrong. We all know what I think about bloggers who change outfit three times a day, begging click click from photographers and spending their time sharing their “Thanks to The Sartorialist, Thanks to Adam, Thanks to Andrea, Thanks to my grandma”  on social media.
If they only wore the same outfit all day long they would look like they were actually doing something. Like going to fashion shows to take pictures, find new inspiration and whatnot. But they don’t. They just go there in order to be photographed and being tagged on Facebook.
They say that streetstyle still works; it helps you getting more followers, more likes, more everything. If it only was spontaneous rather than as fake as Chiara Nasti’s boobs.

Do you see these pictures? I took them next to Anjeza’s house during the fashion week without having to attend the fashion week (I went to five presentations and one show – wearing my Vans). I wore high heels just to pose for these photos, without writing fake sentences like “on my way to Gucci”.
I call it #reallife.
Quattromani sent me this dress – I have to give it back – and I have matched it with Anjeza’s foulard and a Benetton jacket.I took these pictures to show my idea of style. End of the story.
I spent my #mfw between graffitis and public gardens.
I didn’t need to attend fashion shows and complain about how tired I am. And then, babe, complaining about being tired during the fashion week is so not cool.

Dear Sally, it is also true that you have so many colleagues selling their soul through their thanks to Prada, thanks to Gucci, thanks to my Granda, and I am sure that you are aware of it.
It is also true – just like Susie Bubble said – a real and serious blogger – that you guys keep changing your ideas about brands according to how much they pay you.

Nicole Phelps, Vogue Runway Director, shared her opinion about brands” It’s not just sad for the women who preen for the camera in borrowed clothes, it’s distressing, as well, to watch so many brands participate”.

Yes Nicole, you are right. It is very sad to see so many women preening; I am a big fan of spontaneity. It is also sad to see many brands collaborate, considering that they lend clothes to wrong bloggers – girls who bought their followers or who don’t match with their target audience.

Maybe some companies should use specific websites in order to find out if a blogger has real followers or not – Social Blade could be very useful.
However, dear Nicole, times have changed. Beautiful clothes from runways are now worn also by normal people, like me. By wearing them you can show to the whole world that “hey, even a normal person can wear it”.

Times have changed because we are living the Facebook era, and everyone – bloggers, journalists, plumbers – want the whole world to share their life.

Alessandra Codinha, news fashion editor, says that just few bloggers can be described as such. All the others spend their time checking their social accounts.

Alessandra, what can I say? You are totally right.

However, bloggers exist (we need more bloggers like Susie Bubble, Leandra Medine and Pandora), and they will keep changing their outfit over and over during the fashion week.
Unfortunately this is a fact. They don’t hurt anyone and they are free to do whatever they want if it helps them growing their presence on the web. I would never do that, but we are all different, aren’t we?

And now it is time for my poser show time (brands are not paying me for posting these photos, I just like their clothes);

Dress: Quattromani
Sunglasses: Kyme sunglasses
Jacket: Benetton