#OutsideMilleMiglia: from a Neapolitan singer to a...

#OutsideMilleMiglia: from a Neapolitan singer to a rockstar

I might have said it a million times: I love Rimini.
Rimini is just like an old Neapolitan singer in his seventies; that kind of guy that first your grandma, then your mother used to listen to and – in order to keep this tradition alive – you also end up listening to his songs.
Rimini is happily nostalgic; everything reminds me of the past; a past made of mint water ice, white roller skates, and recreation rooms.
Rimini has been the first stop of the Mille Miglia raceA perfect starting and stopping point for an antique car race.

Do you know what does it mean to drink your cappuccino overlooking a calm sea and a unchained sky, and to start your day with the beginning of the second stop of the race among the chaos of engines, smells, and that typical maritime sense of peace? Do you know what does it mean to parade next to antique cars as you are comfortably sitting on a brand new Lancia Ypsilon Mya? It means that this constant temporal and emotional antithesis made this experience even more special.

MilleMiglia_macchineold MilleMiglia_Rimini_people MilleMiglia_Rimini_people2 MilleMiglia_Rimini   lancia_andrea_rimini

After having seen and photographed some of the cars, and after having “bothered” some of the pilots, I have made a small deviation for my #OutsideMilleMiglia project.
In the previous days I have asked some tips about Rimini to a good friend of mine (something that goes beyond a piadina place); I was looking for a simple yet powerful place. And I must admit that Alessandra couldn’t give me any better tip: Le Terre di Veronica is a hidden gem located in via Soardi. It is filled with handmade vases, circus masks, ornaments, and glasses. Veronica is the classical girl from Emilia Romagna; she always keeps a smile on her face, she talks to everyone, and she carries positivity in her genes.

Le Terre di Veronica

le terre LTerrediVeronica2 LTerrediVeronica4 LTerrediVeronica6 LTerrediVeronica7 LTerrediVeronica8

Unfortunately our stop in Rimini was short as we had to head towards Macerata – where we spend just a few hours. However, as we were “riding” our Lancia Ypsilon Mya, we had the chance to enjoy the view of the road and the race. In this occasion I had the opportunity to confirm a rule – maybe I should not say it, but I will: cars that take part at Mille Miglia don’t follow any specific rule. The race takes place on public roads that turn into magnificent parades where everyone waves their white and red flags; however, at the end of the day the Mille Miglia is still a race and there must be a winner.

IMG_0555insegn_macerata macerata_millemiglia_insegna Macerata_milleMiglia_macchina_old macerata_millemiglia_piazza
In order to get to Rome from Macerata we decided to take the highway, otherwise we would have never made it to Tina Sondergaard – a workshop/boutique located in Via del Boschetto where Tina – a stunning woman in love with her job – sews and designs amazing dresses from the past, as well as hats that can be addictive (I am not kidding!).

Tina Sondergaard

Tina_speaks Tina_vetrina TinaSondergaard_hat_hop TinaSondergaard_hat TinaSondergaard_lab TinaSondergaard_lab2 TinaSondergaard_shop_luviadelpasqua TinaSondergaard_shop
Just after having trying twenty-two hats I have finally managed to listen to Andrea and to go check the arrival of the cars into the city. From Rimini to Rome, from a pop singer to a rockstar that will never lose its damn charm.
Rome is so beautiful and fascinating that it makes you forget about its hectic soul made of pavement and bricks.
Thanks to the Mille Miglia race I have finally managed to dominate it: we drove our Lancia into Villa Borghese and we spent more than one hour looking at slim, chubby, short, and tall old cars parading in front of us. A look to the past and to the present, and maybe also a look towards the future.
Why nobody informed me that the Mille Miglia race was such a physically devastating experience and, most of all, that it could be so elegant and fascinating at the same time?


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