Next year I will go to Melloblocco

Next year I will go to Melloblocco

As far as I know until just a month ago Melloblocco could have been a jam combination- maybe a mix of apple and honey – while bouldering could have been a very heavy way of stalking people.
Then one day a friend of mine told me about Melloblocco – as it called my attention I did some research and I found out that it is an important event that gathers hundreds of people. So I decided that I wanted to go and check it out.
After taking this decision, Teva magically connected with my mind and invited me to Masino Valley.


Masino Valley, just like Mello Vally, is famous for its rocks. We are talking about pretty big rocks – you can even climb them; the perfect place to enjoy some bouldering (oh yeah, now I know what it really means). Of course I wanted to try to climb those rocks like a small spider.


So I headed all the way to Melloblocco aboard a Lucy-Style Teva-Van; a van with flags, lights, random old stuff and – of course – Teva sandals (you should check out the new wedge sandals, I simply love them! You won’t see them on my blog – as I didn’t take any picture – but you can check them out here)



We must say that every sport has its own style; snowboarding has a cool yet street style; surfing is definitely shabby; running became fashionable; bouldering is freak – it may be not as fashionable as other sports, but I can assure you that it is definitely authentic.

However, I have immediately realized that Melloblocco is not ready to host beginners; I mean, if you are a pro it is all good, but if you are moving your first steps into this universe you should remember to pack clothes, shoes and an infinite quantity of patience as you will have to beg members of the staff to show you how to climb a rock without falling down. And it doesn’t mean that you will succeed with your attempt. I didn’t – or better said – I half did it thanks to the help of Michela – a holy soul that I had already met a year ago when I went to Arco.

bouldering_Lucia Del Pasqua Melloblocco.3

Finding out useful information at Melloblocco is not easy; nobody answers the phone as they are too busy, and nobody provides answers to the many questions asked by bloggers and journalists – just like me – who need information in order to write their articles.

So if you end up in Melloblocco hoping to find some inspiration, or a some love for a new sport, or maybe an answer… well,  you should abandon your hopes. What happens between the Mello Valley and the Masino Valley is simply beautiful, it is the ideal place for whoever wants to meet new people. Before I met Michela I could only appreciate the beauty of the surrounding landscapes and the taste of French fries.


Later on, thanks to Michela, I managed to be enchanted by the level of difficulty of each rock; by the art of looking at a rock map (a whaaat?), and by the fact that before climbing a rock you actually need to study it.

slackline_Val di Mello

I have also understood why everyone ends up wearing sandals or flip flops (climbing shoes are really painful as you need to wear one or two sizes smaller than your ordinary size); I understood why everyone carries a mattress on their shoulder (it is a protection that needs to be placed under the rock you are about to climb), and I understood why everyone pours a white powder on their hands (it helps you not to slide and to mark your way). Also, I have learnt that if there are vegan people visiting this valley they may starve to death.

To be honest I am full of energy and I feel ready to have a second go, and maybe even a third one. Next year I will go back to Melloblocco with a full-Melloblocco spirit. Meantime I will do two things: I will watch a video that Alberto will soon send it to me – I am now obsessed with Dean Potter and Chris Sharma; and then I will post as many pictures as I can. Why? Teva has launched an Instagram challenge: whoever posts a summer picture using the hashtag #originalsummer will have the chance to be judged by a jury of experts (all juries are made of experts, just like all slices of bread should be filled with Nutella); the winner will fly to America (with a friend). I feel that from now on everything will be about #originalsummer.
My sandals are clearly Teva, while my outfits are clearly by adidas and adidas by Stella McCartney.


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bouldering_Lucia Del Pasqua Melloblocco.2  Stella Sport Melloblocco

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