Mannequins at Pitti? This year I have seen real pe...

Mannequins at Pitti? This year I have seen real people


This year I have been lucky enough not to see the usual group of mannequins taking part at Pitti, because I have specifically avoided to look at them. And I haven’t lost much.
I realized that I don’t really care much about streetstyle, I want to be named for what I write, for my pictures full of old signs, for my granny’s style, not for being the girl standing on the street. Then, if photographers happen to like my style and they want to take pictures of my outfit, I am clearly happy.

This year I have been very good at wearing blinkers every time I had to jump from a pavilion to another, and I have made the right choice, considering that this has been the best Pitti ever.
I have focused my attention on brands, on those people who were there to actually say something concrete and, of course, on friends.

My favorite brand was by far Paltò for a number of reasons: the first is that yes, I love crazy printings but right now I feel the need of normality, the need of the “once upon a time”. I need to see a man who is grounded, a Man. The second reason is that all family men own an overcoat. My dad, for instance, has one himself, therefore this kind of coat, to me, represents an important item. It represents something linked to family. The third reason is that Luca Paganelli, the founder of brand, and I studied fashion together, and he is an exquisite, simple person who has always respected me – as I have previously mentioned on my Facebook page. So, Paltò is a brand that I am passionate about and I will support it. When I walked into its stand I felt like I was walking in New York City, wearing a pied-de-poule suit, just like Lauren Bacall in that movie with Humphrey Bogart and Marcello Mastroianni along with Claudia Cardinale. I have also imagined Faye Dunaway crossing her legs wearing a pair of white stockings and an orange coat. I have seem them all, and to me this is what fashion is really about: it is something capable of turning your imagination on through its beauty.

Another brand that I keep loving is Maison Marcy: it is more a concept rather than a brand itself, and it gets better year after year. Mister Marcy designs pajamas that you can wear to go buy some grocery at the corner shop, as well as nightgowns that are real coats. I find everything so incredibly chic, simple, sophisticated and elegant at the same time. Don’t you? Moreover, Mr Marcy is a lovely person who loves what he does and who puts all his love in his project.

The best thing about Pitti is that you constantly meet new people, like the amazing team of Sprayground and their crazy backpacks. You also happen to meet your old friends, like the guys from Mitchumm Industries 1976 that keep proposing an contemporary, ironic dandy man. You also end up meeting old friends from your home town, like the shoemaker Matteo Tugliani, who launched Moa and presented a new collaboration with Disney.

Then, there was a surprise, or – better said – a super surprise: I walk into Geox, I take a look around and I see their magazine. I take a copy and I walk away.
“It’s the Spring issue, so it must be the one”, I think.
“Would you like a copy of the magazine, madame?” says a nice girl.
“No. I mean, I do, thanks”.
I walk out of the stand and I look for a place to seat. You need some support in this kind of situation. I open the magazine and I go on its third page, Lucia Del Pasqua, Editor. Yes, I have written all the contents of Geox’s magazine, and it was an amazing experience. I believe in Geox because it is a courageous brand, it is a brand that accepts new challenges without being scared. It is a brand that looks forward and that always manages to be present. So, when they asked me to be the editor of the magazine (available at any point of sale worldwide and online) I said yes with a big smile on my face. Because Geox is not a brand that you can take for granted.
And this is also represents fashion the way I see it: working along with high editorial brands, and feeling an incredible excitement when I see tangible results: when I leaf through the pages of the magazines I don’t see only pictures, but I also see the things that I have written, as well as all the things you I have done in order to write those things.
I have already spoken about adidas originalsand I can officially say that I will not forget this 89th Pitti edition.



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